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There are many different business opportunities and ways to promote and build a successful business in the MetaWorld. Whether you have a new concept for a start up business, or an already proven track record for success, you can take advantage of the endless opportunities to promote your business brand and increase sales.


Take your business to a whole new level in the MetaWorld

MetaBusiness works for either real world and MetaWorld items and services. You can promote your business and brand on one of the many advertising billboards situated throughout the MetaWorld, including sponsoring sporting tournaments and events. Imagine your brand or logo being displayed to thousands of viewers in a sporting stadium while they watch their favourite team playing in a championship game.

The MetaTrade trading platform will accommodate both real world and MetaWorld goods and services. Businesses will be able to list their items for sale and services on MetaTrade, a comprehensive online marketplace. Customers can purchase items using Cryptos, which you can then exchange for real money in the MetaBank App.