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MetaMusic connects musicians and fans through an online virtual concert platform in the metaverse. Imagine the thrill of being able to attend a live concert performance of your favourite artist or band, and sing along to the songs you know and love, all while watching them perform live in concert, directly into your home.

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The MetaMusic Outdoor Mega Stage. The ultimate outdoor music venue.

Virtual concerts have made a huge impact already, with artists such as Justin Bieber, Snoop dogg, Post Malone and Madison Beer all entering the virtual music space within the last 12 months. With many millions of views of these virtual performances, music in the metaverse is certainly set to become the "norm" over the next few years.

Justin Bieber's Virtual Concert

Imagine being able to sit with your friends and family, from anywhere in the world, and enjoy a virtual concert experience with your favourite bands and musicians at one of the many different virtual stadiums. MetaMusic is looking at making this a reality, and we aim to provide a virtual platform that connects musicians and fans in a truly unique way.

Post Malone's Virtual Concert

MetaMusic membership fees will be set at $9.95 (USD) annually. As a huge thankyou for Kickstarter members who support the MetaWorld and MetaMusic projects from the very beginning, all pledges of $20 (AUD) or more will receive one or more lifetime memberships to MetaMusic, as well as free event tickets and other awesome rewards. More details will be updated on this page in coming days outlining our Kickstarter supporters rewards for MetaMusic virtual concerts and events.

Please click the Kickstarter link below to show your support for our project! :-)


Madison Beer's Virtual Concert

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You will be able to choose to attend your virtual concerts either by using your Metatar, or by streaming the event through to a device such as your tv, smartphone or tablet. When attending an event with your Metatar, you will be in control of your MetaHuman avatar and will be able to move around in the three dimensional stadium and communicate freely with other members inside the stadium. Metatars are our virtual humans that we use to move around the MetaWorld and MetaMusic venues. Metatars are created using Unreal Engine 5's MetaHumans.


Realistic Metatars created using Unreal Engine 5 NexGen MetaHumans

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Performers will be able to book concerts, depending on the date, time and virtual venue of their choice. They will be able to nominate if its to be a free or paid event, and will set the ticket prices accordingly. Tickets will be available for both free and paid events through the MetaMusic app and a full list of upcoming events will be listed on the MetaEvents web page and app.                         


With the current state of health situations such as Covid restricting our lives over the last two years, unfortunately live performances from our favourite bands and artists have been impacted significantly and a new way of interacting with our idols is needed more than ever. We are extremely confident we can build the ultimate virtual concert platform and bring us all together to enjoy our music in the safest way possible, and at the same time deliver a truly wonderful and entertaining experience.