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MetaShopping will offer an expansive array of shopping facilities, where you can purchase digital real world products and services for your homes, businesses and Metatars. Shop online in the comfort of your MetaHome, or visit the shopping precincts in person with friends using your Metatar. 

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Own and operate storefronts and sell any items you choose

Many different consumer goods and services will become available to purchase as the MetaWorld evolves. The full list of these items will be available to view and search on the MetaShopping app. As the MetaWorld gains popularity over time, we envisage brand name companies will join the MetaShopping network and promote and sell their popular brands. 

You can own and operate businesses throughout the MetaWorld and earn real cash when people buy your goods and services. You can operate the shop yourself or employ real people or computer artificial intelligence NPC's and pay them a wage to run the store for you.