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Host, spectate or play in real time sporting events at the various stadiums and venues scattered throughout the MetaWorld.

Teams from all types of sporting codes will be able to play against each other in weekly match ups to determine the season championship winners. Join a team and play Soccer, Football, Rugby, NFL, Rugby League, Hockey, Basketball or Baseball and become a MetaWorld superstar! 

If playing team sports is not really for you, become your sporting teams number one fan and tune in to watch them play and climb the ladder and share with their success as they become the champions. Team clothing and apparel for your Metatar will become available as teams raise their popularity levels, so you will be able to show your support by wearing your favourite teams clothing, hats and apparel.



Sporting tournaments across many codes to watch and play


All team members who participate in game matches will receive match payments from a percentage of the earnings from each game.  Earnings can be made from ticket sales. stadium advertising, branded clothing and apparel sales and live streaming fees.

Team managers will be able to sell tickets for live game matches using the MetaSports App, or offer free to view matches for MetaWorld members to enjoy at no cost. 

You can choose to visit live sporting events at the stadium with your Metatar, stream the game through to your MetaWorld home entertainment system and watch in the comfort of your MetaHome, or listen live through your MetaWorld Personal Communications Device (MPCD) if the game is being commentated.


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MetaWorld Stadium - Just one of many sporting facilities in the MetaWorld